Monday, August 29, 2005

Ok. its now 11 PM - and I just now finished my slideshow for Korea - and with hopes that it will run smoothly without a glitch. If not I will kill myself by gorging myself with Kim Chee. The show looks good, I edited, and changed things around, it most definitely is a shameless plug for SDSU. I didn't have a good picture of Bob but found this one taken at the Philly conference, and stuck it in the show, I know the Koreans will probably frown upon this one, but I am sure its for me when I am choking on my words as I go through this show. Kim Kelzer with her hula hoop is especially fetching.

I am relieved that I was able to take today off - not sure what I was thinking when I told everyone I would meet them for their first class. I would have been a basket case for sure. It wouldn't be so bad if my lecture wasn't scheduled so shortly after I arrive but there is no time for fiddling once I touch down in Seoul.

It hasn't really sunk in that I am going to a foreign country - it feels like another routine trip to NY or something. I just hope I brought the right clothes and that I didn't forget anything. My suitcase is bulging - filled mostly with books and other gifts - am proud of the fact that I packed lighter than usual other than that.

Sweet Pea attacked Deanza twice tonight - when Christine was here - seems that when the three dogs are too close together in a confined place and Deanza grows or snaps at Tazzie, Sweet Pea rips him apart. There was blood all over the place this time - its awful. At one time tonight I accidentally stepped on Tazzie's tail and he let out a yelp and Sweet Pea came running over again, ready to attack Deanza. I grabbed her and had to convince her that it was me it was me. Dog dynamics have run amok.

good night.


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