Tuesday, August 16, 2005

WHAT is the big deal about The Hamptons??? I admit that while the estates are impressive, and the fact that many places sit right on the ocean, it seems that they took a bulldozer to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, scooped up a couple of blocks, and planted it in the middle of this beach town. Stores like Tiffanys, Coach, in the midst of what seems like a quaint village. It also looked like every other woman had a facelift and I was expecting to see Paris Hilton show up - all the younger women looked like Paris Hilton with varying degrees of plastic surgery. And kids, all of a sudden it seems that EVERYONE has 2.3 kids per family, and I saw four sets of twins in the time I traveled from San Diego to the Hamptons. Are people having "litters" of kids?

The OTHER thing that bothered me was how I was so keenly aware that everyone was white and the minorities that were there were obviously from the workforce. It made me even more acutely aware of my minority standing and normally that is not even an issue. WEIRD. It made me feel like everyone thought maybe I was a maid or a housekeeper and that I iron shirts or something.

BUT I digress. I had a GREAT time with my friends, James/Karen, Judy/Todd, with Warren and Bebe, the show looked REALLY GREAT, James and I really were amazed at how good our work looked together, I felt like it looked balanced, and not a gallery "full of furniture" - although it bothered me that someone else's table was in there, right next to James' table. As Todd said, they "should get that thing out of there". I sold my announcement piece to Ron Abramson, and that made me feel good. Some other clients might be interested in a piece like the same one - he asked a very good question about 'editions' and was wondering if the prints were editions or if the entire piece was an edition. I explained that the prints were an edition but if I were to remake the frame it would not be the same as the others.

Warren is quite the cook and has a rather zen like presence in the kitchen - frankly I love men in kitchens. James was the bartender for two nights, making Margaritas Friday night and "Mojitos" on Saturday night. All from scratch of course, juicing the limes and smashing the mint leaves. Karen looked great of course, she wore the cutest outfits - the skirts looked terrific on her - Judy and Todd looked totally relaxed and it was fun to just hang out. We were hoping that Alphonse could make the drive down but he didn't.

Some clients and friends of BB and Warren's invited us all to lunch at their home - and then we walked to the beach - we had a nice lunch out on their wide green backyard with a pool in the foreground, it was really nice. Mark and Elizabeth Lavine have collected furniture for a while now, and they are really nice people - turns out that they have my red cabinet called "Candy" in their collection, Elizabeth keeps her lingerie in it, which was exactly what I intended for that piece to do.

The beaches here are really different from the San Diego ones. First of all the sand is coarser, more like 80 grit, if you will, whereas the sand in San Diego is more like 220. And the waves are really odd - they break really short for the lack of a better term - they 'churn', rather than 'undulate'. James got completely tumbled and hurt his back. When they said a great white was spotted a few days I chose to stay out of the water. it was weird to go to a beach on a hot muggy day - there seemed to be little respite from the heat other than sticking your feet in the water - the air was so heavy and hot. It made me appreciate the San Diego beaches all the more.

egads the time I have to get ready for the shop - need to get ready for classes in addition to the trip to Korea.


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