Tuesday, August 09, 2005

How is it that some people can pack so lightly? I am debating on whether to take the minimum number of clothes to East Hampton - but I've got three pairs of favorite pants. which pants to take? white ones will get dirty right away, jeans seems too casual - and shoes...which shoes??? and airplanes are always so cold, a jacket too? And my laptop, where is it all going to fit if I take a carryon only? Who's going to help me shove it in the overhead bin???? Oh the agony. Ah fuckit I ended up going to the pet store tonight and getting treats for the dogs and cat, some new flea stuff (I got flea bites again) - and a bit of food for the flight - you know how on Southwest Airlines you are in the air for 6-7 hours and all you get is a teeny bag of peanuts. I don't like eating on flights anyway but I got some cheese, smoked almonds, a bottle of water, and crackers.

God I hate flying. And to think that I have a 14 hour flight to Korea coming up in two weeks.

Said goodbye to yet another grad student - Bob Marsh and I had coffee - sat for nearly two hours talking. Turns out that I will see him in October at the Appalachian Center but I admit I had a big lump in my throat when it came time to say goodbye to him. He drove away and I walked back to my house - and as I turned the corner, who would be driving back around again but Bob again, waving like a lunatic. made me laugh.

Ok I guess I better finish packing.


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