Friday, August 26, 2005

Ok so I did a test run of my Korea slide show on my students. They seemed kind of bored. They laughed hysterically at parts that were not intended to be funny. I admit I did have pics of people who have less hair or are fatter or in some cases skinnier than they are depicted in the pics I found. Hell my own dad didn't recognize me in a picture of me taken when I was 30.

Worst of all, I ran into a HUGE glitch with the powerpoint show, it groaned to a halt after about the 150th slide. Discouraging news, indeed. I'll be damned if I have to start all over again.

Oh and yesterday was a helluva long day. And Convocation went well, I guess. I sat on the stage and Mom of course was upset that I wasn't wearing a suit or a skirt with heels etc. Frankly I don't even own a suit and even if I did, I wasn't going to wear it in 90 degree weather. I felt like I was dressed nicely enough - the tank top I was wearing WAS made out of silk after all. and the pants were handmade from a Kimono I found at a fleamarket in Tokyo. Isn't that nice enough? The video of me sucked but was less traumatizing than other videos I have had to suffer through, although they ended up using segments from two separate shoots, which has me switching outfits within nanoseconds. The lunch at Dr. Weber's place was nice enough although somehow I just don't feel like I fit in with the rest of the blowhards here. There were several people I recognize from the Senate meetings that can't seem to shut up and are total idiots, and except for Dr. Weber, who I think is a really great guy. These other people are faceless to me. The Dean introduced me nicely enough although she did mention the "huge machines and the little girl" commentary to which I said 'but the buttons that operate them are really small'. No one seemed to think that was funny. Oh well. I blathered on about being back at State. I was sweating like a pig.

Immediately after that I caught my flight to SF and arrived JUST IN TIME to the panel discussion of the Convergence show at the SF Museum of Craft and Design. Froze my titties off, weird to be sweating in 90 degree weather in SD and arriving to a cold windy SF in the same said outfit. Damn another fashion gaffe. And I spent an hour before planning my outfit and making sure that both would fit both the convocation and the panel discussion.

Again the question "What is Studio Furniture" came up - its odd at times, like someone asking what a navel is. But having wrassled with this slide show for Korea, it was a compelling question, what the hell is it? It basically has to do with furniture made in studios, as the name implies but studio meaning artist/designed work. But even to foreigners its an perplexing issue. I recall feeling that the English would definitely know what it is, but they were more bewildered than interested in the slides I showed.

The History of Studio Furniture starts out reasonably well but then suddenly just around the part in the 1980's it splinters out in all directions. Directions that makes sense to me but to describe it to the layperson, its mind boggling. I can't even begin to start on that here.

Had a nice visit with JoAnn Edwards - she and Ken have such a nice little house, absolutely filled with crafts, I love it. Makes me want to get all my little objects out of storage and put it all around. She has a few of my pieces which really look cute in their house. The museum is keeping her busy - I think its great that she's started it.

so now I am back, finished up the lesson plans for the semester, and am getting this other business done.


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