Saturday, August 20, 2005

This slide show that I am working on is taking frickin' forever. zillions of images going back to Esherick - I did find some cute old slides of Bebe and Warren when they first opened Pritam and Eames and also portraits of various artists - this of course has me going back on Memory Lane.

I also am getting a nice new stash of images for my various lesson plans - was wanting to update that and this is giving me a chance to collect new material.

Ten more days before I leave for Korea. My new passport came in the other day, and so did my FIRST CLASS ticket for Seoul. So much more to do for this trip. The text for the lecture is now about 15 pages, with an additional 10 with a list of galleries and other resource info. After my last lecture in Australia, I learned that it would be best to provide a text. the last time in Perth, they simply tape recorded our lectures and transcribed it, and it was awful because we make references to slides but without the visual information the text meant nothing.

Need to go get more images from the kids.


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