Saturday, January 04, 1992

La Napoule

January 4

La Napoule itself is sort of a sleepy seaside villa resting on the shores of the Mediterranean. Sort of boring, actually and appears to be a retirement community. Because it is off-season, many of the restaurants and hotels have shut down. Susan and I walked to the mall to have a look around. They have a great grocery store, sort of like a Super Ralphs. It is all very quaint - stone walls and cobbled streets.

I have this huge studio, which ironically is only designed to do design work (drawing, painting etc) It's kind of too bad because it could be a terrific machine room or something of that effect. The one occasional problem for some of the artists is that is is chilly in some of the studios. I sort of lucked out because my studio is attached to the chateau and is actually just off to the kitchen. I have a space heater which works okay for me since I just sit at a table and draw. There is a strange here in this studio since there are these huge towering figures all around me, peering down as I work.


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